Heavy Catering Equipment

E.C.B. is the leading hotel and catering equipment supplier in Malta and Gozo. We supply heavy catering equipment for various types of establishments, from top-notch hotels, restaurants, banquet halls and wedding halls to casual dining outlets, cafeterias, take-aways, staff canteens, etc.

Among the companies we represent in this sector are Mareno, Blanco, Sammic, Giganplast, CastelMac, and many others.

Following is a list of heavy catering equipment offered by E.C.B. Ltd. If you cannot find what you are looking, please let us know and we will be more than glad to assist you. You may use our contact form to send us an email.


Cooking & Warming
  • Canti-lever systems
  • 90 / 70/ 60 range
Perfect for catering on a large, medium or small scale
Food Preperation
  • Working Tables
  • Worktop Cupboards
  • Sink/Pot was sinks
  • Wall cupboards
  • Modular preparation
  • Shelving
  • Auxiliary equipment

  • Refrigerators / Freezers
  • Blast Chillers *
  • Refrigerated counters
  • Ice cream machines
  • Cold Rooms
  • Front / Hood type dishwashers
  • Rack type dishwashers
  • Flight type dishwashers
  • Pot washers
  • Baskets

  • Convection ovens
  • Combi ovens
  • Pizza ovens
  • Standard size canopies & custom made

  • Refregiration
  • Shelving
  • Checkouts
  • Stainless Steel Furniture
  • Food serving system
  • Regeneration systems
  • Trolley

Buffet & Canteen Serving Equipment
Self service systems for canteens and buffets